A layman’s guide to Azure AI services

June 6, 2024


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A: In essence, any developer is suitable for doubling up as an AI developer, as many common programming languages, libraries and frameworks are used for building AI-based applications. However, AI software development also requires data transformation prior to beginning actual development, which is something that developers need to factor in.

All in all, transitioning over to AI software development shall involve a learning curve for all developers, as training algorithms shall constitute much trial and error before an acceptable standard of accuracy is achieved.
A: Yes, offshore AI developers and offshore software development teams in general can collaborate with existing in-house teams as dedicated team members, or as augmented staff members. Offshore personnel, therefore, can be valuable additions to existing teams that may be lacking expertise in certain areas, as they can be enlisted temporarily, and within a smaller budget.
A: When hiring AI engineers, companies can look out for any previous experience towards building, running and maintaining AI-based applications. If your business is open to considering a candidate that may not have prior experience, then keeping an eye out for experience working with technology stacks and cloud services that your organisation currently relies on can be a good starting point too.

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