IoT Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised how we interact with our environment. It is a network of physical objects such as vehicles, buildings, and home appliances embedded with software, sensors, and connectivity capabilities. This allows them to collect and exchange data with each other and with external systems. With the emergence of IoT, organisations can make data-driven decisions, develop new business models, and anticipate customer needs.

Increased Efficiency

Our team at EFutures is extremely efficient, with experience working on over 600 projects across a 20 year span of operation. We will be able to provide you with some of the best services in this industry, leveraging our technical and non-technical expertise and knowledge.

Improved Customer Service

EFutures will be able to provide you with the bespoke customer service you require, saving your business precious time and resources that you can divert into other areas of your operations.

Enhanced Security

We pride ourselves on our computer security services and have already managed security-related projects for some of our leading clients all around the world. Our experience in this sub-field will be of huge value to your business.


We have worked on over 600 projects over the course of our history on both a small and a large scale. We will be able to scale our services to meet your requirements without compromising on our standards of excellence and performance.