Considering offshore software development for startups? Here’s a guide

June 24, 2024


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A: Yes, most software outsourcing companies can scale down for startups, delivering their services on a smaller scale to suit the equally smaller requirements of boutique organisations. However, some software outsourcing companies may require a minimum commitment, be it in terms of a one-off payment, or a set duration of regular work. Others may be more flexible, taking on smaller tasks with less commitment for the startup organisation.

Due to these nuances, it is wise to consult multiple software outsourcing prospects, to determine which company may be best suited for your startup’s unique needs.
A: Yes, numerous software companies in Sri Lanka (such as us, EFutures!) cater to smaller companies, including startups. With smaller teams and minimal resources, we deliver software and applications for startups by keeping any budget and time-related constraints in mind. Additionally, flexibility is available in terms of team members’ commitment levels; whether your project requires a dedicated team member or a shared resource, this can be arranged, in spite of the smaller scope of your project.
A: Startups can certainly avail nearshore software outsourcing services, if their software outsourcing partner is located in the same region as they are. However, upon partnering with an offshore software development company, this may depend on the size of the project.

Many software outsourcing companies that have startup clientele located across the world will cater to some form of a nearshoring arrangement should the client request for it (by visiting them in person on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis, for example) - provided there is a large contractual commitment between the two parties.

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