Dedicated software development: hire a software team that is only meant to serve your business

April 24, 2024


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A: Dedicated teams may be more expensive to hire than an existing shared resource in a software outsourcing company, owing to talent sourcing and acquisition that needs to be done exclusively in order to meet a client’s needs. Additionally, as the resource’s skills and time aren’t shared with other projects that are being executed simultaneously, this will also lead to higher overhead costs.

How much more expensive a dedicated team may be, is best determined through the software outsourcing company your business partners with. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the difference may not be that much, after all; it just depends on how large your outsourcing provider is, where they are located, and how difficult it is for them to find the dedicated resource(s) your business needs.
A: The key difference between a dedicated team and staff augmentation is that the former has been hired to exclusively service one client, while the latter is meant to add expertise that may be lacking in an existing team. However, there are often overlaps between dedicated team and staff augmentation models; usually subject matter experts hired for staff augmentation may count as dedicated team members, especially if they’ve been recruited to solely assist and guide operations across a single project.
A: Dedicated teams don’t require any more supervision than other types of software outsourcing teams. As with any other software offshoring model, all teams, irrespective of type, are expected to function optimally with adequate supervision. However, dedicated teams are expected to directly report to the client for day-to-day duties, unlike most other outsourcing arrangements.

This is what distinguishes a dedicated team model from other software offshoring models - and is hence one of the key reasons why businesses are willing to pay a little extra to adopt the very same.

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