Factors that make Java highly beneficial for web development

January 2, 2024


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A: Java is best suited for web application development projects, thanks to its easy syntax, reusable objects and lower margins of error owing to type declarations and checks made well ahead in advance. Additionally, its well established standing in the programming industry also means that it includes a large network of developers, who offer extensive community support and feedback.
A: Java is a great starting point for novice developers as its syntax has been well established in the programming arena, with numerous other languages forming a base off of Java as well. The ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ principle of Java further simplifies coding, as code written just once can be made compatible to run across any device or operating system thanks to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

However, it is important to remember that while the basics of Java are easy enough to master, certain technical concepts such as multi-threading may present a steep learning curve for new developers. Nonetheless, due to its industry standard level of establishment, Java is still a great starting option for newbie coders who are looking to build their skill sets and make their way through the programming industry.
A: Outsourcing Java developers may present reduced costs in comparison to in-house developers - while still maintaining the quality of delivery. This may also apply to in-house developers who work remotely; while overhead costs will still be saved in this setting, other administrative costs, including those pertaining to salary and benefits, can be reduced if Java developers are outsourced.

However, today’s software development team settings are seldom this segmented; companies present many nuances here, most often with a combination of in-house and outsourced teams. With different types of IT outsourcing models now popular, companies have the flexibility to seek outsourced expertise across a customised spectrum; from delegating parts of the SDLC to a software outsourcing company, to simply adding an expert to an already established in-house team.

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