How to hire developers that will add substantial value to your project

March 5, 2024


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A: First-time developers who have very little to no experience at all can certainly be offered full-time placements into software development teams from the get-go. However, these individuals shall still require sufficient coaching to help them get up to par in terms of project expectations and quality.

If your organisation is on a tighter budget, hiring freshers and first-timers as interns is a great way to integrate them into your team, with lesser commitment. By the end of the internship, your team members can gauge whether they are competent enough to be bumped up for a full-time role, if they require extra coaching, or complete replacement.
A: Software developers can also function as project managers, owing to being well familiar with granular project expectations, and meeting them on time. Senior software developers within a development team are also often consulted by project managers and other members that are part of strategy teams, to analyse the viability of adding, removing or changing existing functionalities within an application. This makes them excellent candidates for leading projects as well, as they have deep awareness on the specificities pertaining to said project, as well as the acumen on tackling any oncoming challenges.

However, software developers taking on project manager roles are best accommodated within existing projects wherein a senior software developer has been part of the project for a significant period of time. This shall ensure the transition is one that is beneficial for the entire team, as someone who has deep knowledge about the workings of the project is being placed into a leadership role of such crucial proportions.
A: Software outsourcing companies typically do have a list of software developers on call, especially when there’s a peak in workload and tasks need to be delegated to those working on a freelance basis. Even if extra work isn’t delegated to freelancers, a passive database of CVs from previous headhunts can still offer software outsourcing companies leverage to contact and possibly hire developers for new and existing projects alike.

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