Outsourcing cybersecurity to Australia – and what it can mean for your business

April 2, 2024


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A: Managed cybersecurity services often use the same types of security tools as in-house teams, but they may be more advanced in a number of key ways. For one, dedicated security experts may have deeper knowledge on using advanced security tools such as Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Automation, on the other hand, may be a popular way to streamline workflows without manual intervention. But managed cybersecurity teams also use human knowledge to contextualise the nature of threats, and determine how incidents can be remediated.

This therefore makes managed cybersecurity teams significantly more adept at utilising security tools than in-house cybersecurity teams within business organisations, as in-house resources may be stretched, or budget constraints may be preventing the adoption of new tools or resources.
A: Yes, leading software companies in Australia may be able to offer managed cybersecurity services as well, since their existing expertise can be repurposed to also serve niche cybersecurity and compliance requirements for their clientele. Additionally, software companies can scale to deliver dedicated cybersecurity professionals for their clients’ cybersecurity needs, as they have greater access to wider talent pools from across the country, and even the globe.

With software companies already building and managing software on behalf of their clientele, adopting cybersecurity can further help integrate a DevSecOps approach - thereby enabling strong protection for applications, endpoints, data and other infrastructure from a foundational level.

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