Why software offshoring is still highly relevant in today’s business landscape

April 29, 2024


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A: Software offshoring contributes to cost savings in a variety of ways, which primarily include:

● Savings on physical equipment and office space: companies don’t need to purchase and maintain any physical equipment, as well as rent or own physical office space, since software offshoring partners will maintain equipment and hire team members all within their own locations.

● Savings on employment benefits: businesses pay software offshoring companies for a service, either as a retainer on a monthly basis, or on a one-off project basis. While services may be charged per overhead in some cases, businesses are never charged for employment perks and other benefits - which are items the offshoring company takes care of based on the laws of the country they operate in.

● Favourable currency exchange rates: With software offshoring typically carried out internationally, cross-continental partnerships will offer businesses the added advantage of favourable exchange rates, thereby increasing the rate of affordability even further.
A: Yes, it may be advisable to hire offshore development teams even if a well-functioning, in-house team already exists in your company, for two main reasons:

1. Your in-house teams are inundated and/or experiencing bottlenecks due to excessive workloads,

2. Your in-house teams lack specialist expertise, and shall benefit from staff augmentation services that software offshoring companies will be able to facilitate.

In essence, both in-house and offshored teams can work together, as long as the cadence pertaining to development pipelines are progressing smoothly, and within budget. In fact, having a software offshoring partner on the side can provide your in-house teams support and leverage, whenever a need arises.

Whether it’s relieving excessive workloads, adding subject matter expertise or even involving a ‘second set of eyes’ to help make informed decisions, a reliable and competent software offshoring partner will be able to meet most demands, including intricate and complex ones.
A: Yes, offshore software development companies provide dedicated teams for businesses that intend to not share members with other projects, and expect complete focus on their project(s) alone. While dedicated teams offer businesses exclusive attention, they also offer greater autonomy in the process of talent acquisition; managers or relevant contact points from the business’s side can interview candidates and make the final decision on who is hired, without having to worry about the busywork surrounding talent sourcing, networking and administration.

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